Our Prevention Policy for COVID-19

This is Our Prevention Policy for COVID-19.

1.Company preventive measures. Our company keeps a large supply of alcohol disinfectants and hand sanitizers in our offices and workshops, formulates reasonable rules and regulations, supervises all staff to wash their hands diligently, disinfects the office every day. In addition, we prepare a large number of medical masks for the staff, and our company stipulates that the staff must wear masks when they go to work. Of course, there are also special staff to check the temperature of the staff and make records every day,

2.Product safety supervision. The most important, we carry out strict quality inspection and safety test on all products produced by the company. Workers wear masks and gloves during production, and then disinfect the garments after production. We strive to make every customer satisfied with our products and rest assured.

3.Shipping Sanitation Measures. Double check the package before shipment to make sure the product is in good condition. Choose a clean hold for shipment, Make sure the package is more secure.